EarthLamp VPN was initially created to provide a secure internet-connection
for Christian members of The EarthLamp-Church.

But now we want to provide that same security for all.


 As a Christian VPN-provider, we have committed to deliver:



VPN with SIN-BLOCK has an adult content blocker,

which uses a universal blacklist of websites within the category "porn",

to block "porn"-websites.


Choose Your Own Price!


Security should be available for everybody, both rich and poor!

But its not fair that the poor should pay the same as the rich.


We have therefore decided to let YOU decide YOUR OWN monthly price to pay!

We have VPN-subscriptions starting at a ridiculously low price of $1 per month,

going all the way up to $20 per month for those who are more wealthy and wants to support our ideas.


Remember that we are a non-profit organization.

All profits go back into developing our projects.

You can read more about that here.


If you like what we do, and want to support our projects,

consider donating some money, as that will help us on our journey.



Donate now!


Features & Benefits:


100% Secure Connection

When you are connected to our VPN-servers,
you can be be assured that your connection is  completely secure, and anonymous.

We highly doubt that anyone in the world would be able to hack or compromise our servers.


Strong Encryption

 Our VPN-servers are professionally set up and configured by highly skilled people, to be as secure as possible.

We use top notch encryption, and the best VPN-technology available!


 OpenVPN is known to be the best and most secure VPN-protocol in the world.

With an incredible 4096-bit and SHA 512 for authentication, and AES-256 bit for streaming-encryption, it beats its competitors with a mile.

No Logging

We keep NO TRACK, and we do NOT LOG any surfing activity.

That means that should anyone try to retrieve info from our servers, they wouldn't find anything, because there are no logs. 

Fast Speed

Our servers provide high speed connection, so that the user will feel no different from their normal home-speed. 

That means; no lagging videos, and so on...

Easy Set up & Connect

 You will receive a step-by-step-manual to guide you through each step on setting up and connecting to the VPN.

Once everything is set up correct, it will be as easy as the click of a button, both to connect, and to disconnect. No more worries!


Multiple Servers

 One of our top priorities is to constantly upgrade our server-park with more and more servers located all around the world, to be able to provide nearby-connections for all people no matter where they live.

The more people who join us, the bigger we will grow!


Random IP

One of our future plans, is to  implement a random IP function, meaning that your IP-address will change randomly between each time you connect.

This provides an extra layer of security and anonymity.


Dont Be Fooled...

 Dont be fooled to think that since we are so cheap, or that we are a Church, or that we are a Non-Profit Organization, that our VPN-connection is any worse or any less secure than any other VPN-provider.

In fact, we would argument that it is the opposite way around!

The fact that we are a Church and a Non-Profit Organization, should actually give the customer an extra layer of comfort, in that we are not some scam-company or some government shadow-company whom you may not really know the true intentions of.

And if you think our website is not as fancy and multifunctional as it should be, just wait and see how fancy and multifunctional we will become, as soon as we get the sufficient amount of funds.


Choose Your Own Price!

We are crazy, we know! We have decided to let the customer decide the price of their monthly VPN-subscription! Ranging from a ridiculously low give-away-price at $1 per month, and all the way up to $20 per month.

The true value of this VPN-subscription would be around $7 per month to be able to keep it sustainable and profitable.

But we are no normal VPN-provider!

First of all we are a Church. And secondly we are a Non-Profit Organization. Our Goal is not to make money, but to promote righteousness and equality.

We hope that all people will support our mission by genuinely give a price that reflects their economic ability and the value of the service they buy.

Its simple; if everybody chooses the $1 per month subscription, we will not be able to pay the expenses of meeting the demand. But if everybody pays according to their economic abilities, the richer will compensate for the poor.


The SIN-Block

The Sin-Block is perfect for Christians, and also for families who may want to prevent their children from entering "bad" websites.

This is what we block:

  • Websites in the category "porn"
  • Websites who may install spyware on your computer

Some selected websites may also display a warning-message to warn of potentially unwanted content, but they are not blocked, and you may enter if you wish. Other than that, the internet works as normal.



 Choose your VPN-Subscription wisely:

 If you have a very low income,

or you just don't feel like

paying more than

$1 per month,


click this button:

Buy Now

 If you have a mid-low income,

or if you just don't feel like

paying more than

$3 per month,


click this button:

Buy Now

If you have a medium income,

or just want to pay a

sustainable price of

$5 per month,


click this button:

Buy Now


If you have a mid-high income,

and want to pay

a good price of

$7 per month,



click this button:

Buy Now


If you have a high income,

and believe in our projects,

and want to support us,

consider paying

$10 per month,


by clicking this button:

Buy Now


 If you are more wealthy,

or just want to help

weigh up for all

the people who are poor,

consider paying

$20 per month,

by clicking this button:

Buy Now

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